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How to Share PowerPoint in Skype
By Hewie Poplock

I am using Skype to facilitate a speaker remotely at a meeting. To help him to use his PowerPoint slides and do the presentation, I prepared this easy document. Although earlier versions of Skype 5 enabled this procedure and perhaps even 4, the menus have changed. I am using version

In order to use PowerPoint within Skype, you must have set up Skype for Video Calls. You do not need premium Skype. The free Skype will work fine. You have to have a microphone and speakers set up. The presenter should be using headphones so that there is no echo or feedback.

It doesnít matter who initiates the call. Be sure to make a Video Call:

Once the connection has been completed, make the introductions for your presenter. The presenter will have started his PowerPoint program and have it available. He will then go to the menu:

Then click on Share:

And select Show entire screen.

An alternate method that may be used is to go to the menu at the top and choose Call and then Share Screen:

Once he is sharing his screen, he should go to his PowerPoint and start the slide show. When he starts his show, you will get the largest screen at the presentation by having him choose the full screen option for the presentation. He will still be able to utilize his microphone while doing the presentation.

When the show is completed, he can stop sharing by clicking on that button at the top-center of the presentation:

At that point, the presenterís video may need to be restarted by clicking on My Video on the menu at the bottom. Alternately the speaker can have a final slide remain on the screen and answer questions that way, without going back to the camera.

That should do it. Have a great presentation.